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Not to be confused with Keith Richard

(Not to be confused with Keith Richard)

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Blencathra aka Saddleback - the sale of a mountain

Thursday 29th May 2014 |

Hugh Lowther, the current Lord Lonsdale, is having to raise a lot of cash to pay death duties on his father's estate. So he decided to sell off some of his land, in particular the mountain massif known as Blencathra in the northern part of the Lake District. He hopes to raise about £2 million, about 20% of the bill! This was all recorded recently in the media. However, his estate agent commissioned me to photograph the asset (?) and the man himself. This turned out to be one of the most entertaining days of my career as Hugh is both outspoken and a memorable raconteur. So off we went in his 4x4 for the adventurous trip along the unmade road from Matterdale to Threlkeld to the photography site. I was sworn to secrecy about the planned offer of sale and even my husband was kept out of the loop.